5 Modern Design Elements to Try with Window Treatments in Atlanta
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Five Modern Design Elements to Try with New Window Treatments in Atlanta

A modern or contemporary home delivers a much different aesthetic than more traditional styles, which presents an exciting way to try a different interior design. If you’re worried about modern elements seeming bland or plain, you’ll be delighted to know that even the most minimalist homes can feature stimulating design. It’s all about picking out the best features, including new custom window treatments suited to your distinct sense of style.

A convenient way to find out more about your ideal look is through a free virtual or in-home consultation. A local design consultant can assess your goals and explore the best choices, helping you turn your dream modern interior into a reality. To help you start, here are five modern design elements to take into account when deciding on new window treatments.

First, Simplify the Shape and Structure

Modern and contemporary homes usually do away with soft furniture, lively textures and flashy colors. As an alternative, they favor simplified looks that can pull the eye in the direction of specific features. New custom window treatments are a great choice for those features, so it’s beneficial to work out the basic look. Roller shades or interior shutters might be your best bet.

1. Clean, Bold Lines

Modern styles work well with strong boundaries between spaces and clearly formed edges. Window treatments with strong outlines and silhouettes should be your priority. You might come up with shades or shutters at first, but even blinds can cover this design element. For example, Skyline® Gliding Window Panels create symmetry and convenience because they’re mounted at both the top and bottom of spacious windows instead of hanging down freely.

2. Simple, Uncluttered Materials

Even though texture isn’t always apparent from the other side of the room, up close it can drastically alter your perception of design elements. Cluttered patterns can look hectic. Modern or contemporary styles can work well with texture and elaborate materials, but you want to consistently disperse it throughout the room.

Next, Call Attention to ThoseDetails with Simpler Colors

Now that you’ve established the starting look of your window treatments, you want to complement that look with the ideal color. The modern homes most often displayed in magazines can appear a bit sterile with plenty of black and white, but you shouldn't have to limit yourself to that degree.

3. Neutral or Natural Colors

There is a broad variety of neutral colors and earth tones that will complement a contemporary design. What you should prioritize is the strength of the color’s hue, which is why modern homes often go with more faded or even pastel shades. An easy way to dull the color on your window treatments is by choosing a sheer fabric. This includes the additional benefit of a larger amount of natural light. Silhouette® Window Shadings come with floating horizontal vanes and no cords, making them a terrific choice for modern style.

Finally, Pick Fabrics or Accessories with Practical Benefits

You shouldn't have to compromise on convenient functionality for a clean final look. Instead, many gorgeous window treatments can be customized with control systems and fabric types that make sure they’re just as easy to use as they are beautiful.

4. Seamless Controls

Uncomplicated, easy-to-use controls are important for keeping window treatments from being frustrating or tedious to adjust. Motorized systems or hidden controls are both good options for streamlining the aesthetic of the window treatments. For example, the PerfectView™ Louver Control System conceals the tilt bar from view and is perfect for a beautiful pair of LouverWood™ Plantation Shutters.

5. Ample Natural Light

A large number of modern homes don’t heavily decorate their homes because they allow large, floor-to-ceiling windows to provide the visual appeal. You can pull in tons of natural light through these windows with sheer fabrics or treatments that tuck neatly away above or to the side.

Create Your Home’s Modern Design with Contemporary Window Treatments.

New window treatments from Louver Shop of Atlanta can help you enhance a space in an instant, from looking outdated to tailor-made for you. If you use some time to design treatments that highlight contemporary design elements, you’ll be one step closer to modern elegance. To help make the process a little quicker, don’t forget to request a free virtual or in-home consultation. Request one today by getting in touch with us at 888-428-1415.

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