Best Window Treatments for Bathrooms in Atlanta
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3 Best Window Treatments for Bathrooms in Atlanta

Having windows in your bathroom lets through more daylight and makes your house feel brighter. When adding window treatments to this room, you’ll want to think over privacy and longevity. You deserve a solution that looks fantastic, lasts through moisture and heat, and provides outstanding light-filtering performance.

Browsing a wide variety of styles and solutions without professional assistance can seem overwhelming. At Louver Shop of Atlanta, we make designing custom window treatments easy. You’ll get the skill of a local design pro every step of the way, from free consultation to professional installation.

Here are our pros’ three favorites for window treatments for bathrooms in Atlanta.

1. Plantation Shutters

You might think that plantation shutters aren’t an ideal match for your bathroom. You may also think that because they’re crafted from wood, they won’t last. What you don’t know is that faux wood plantation shutters are a beautiful complement for your bathroom that resists humidity.

We produce our Louver Shop of Atlanta plantation shutters from a solid polymer—a up-to-date synthetic. This material is like wood but is created to last for many years while resisting sunlight, humidity and moisture.

We’ve made our LouverWood® plantation shutters to provide easy operation with minimal maintenance required. There’s no swelling, breaking or shedding here, even if your shutters are hanging in a hot, humid room including a bathroom.

If you already have plantation shutters in your house, using them in your bathroom is an excellent way to connect your design.

2. Blinds

Blinds aren’t just limited to aluminum mini-blinds. Faux wood blinds are a great way to achieve the appearance of plantation shutters at a lower cost. Plus contemporary materials that resist warping and other damage from humid settings.

EverWood® horizontal blinds are manufactured from solid polymer. This material appears to be wood but stands up to bright rays, humidity and moisture. It makes them a smart option for areas including bathrooms that otherwise create problems for wood blinds.

You can tailor yours with options like de-Light™, which increases privacy and light oversight by hiding cord holes. Or by choosing PowerView®, a smart operating system that allows you to move your window treatments with a tap of your phone.

3. Shades

Shades are a great way to get the smooth appearance of draperies minus the annoyance. There are two styles we especially like for bathrooms, roman shades and roller shades.

Roman shades feature premium fabrics and precise folds. When raised, they fold into orderly pleats. When lowered, they give outstanding privacy and light-filtering efficiency. Vignette® modern Roman shades are popular for bathrooms in updated homes. You can choose from a collection of long-lasting, gorgeous and worry-free fabrics that enhance your space.

Sonnette™ cellular roller shades include the best parts of a roller shade and energy efficiency. These shades include cells that boost insulation at the windows, your residence’s main contributor to energy loss. With improved insulation, you’ll enjoy a comfier residence and might even notice a difference on your energy expenses.

Want to go through all your options up close? Your local Louver Shop of Atlanta window treatment pro is here to support you. We’ll go over product samples and fabrics with you, in addition to giving expert recommendations. All at no cost or obligation! Contact us at 888-428-1415 now to book your free consultation.

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