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Best Window Treatments for Kitchen Windows

Your kitchen can be much more than somewhere to cook and share meals with your family. It’s a versatile space that benefits from attractive design just as much as any living room or home office. With the perfect window treatments, your kitchen could easily be the focal point of your entire home.

But there’s many things to consider when deciding on new window treatments, particularly for rooms like the kitchen that see considerable, frequent use. The window professionals at Louver Shop of Atlanta can share expert advice, helping you navigate the process to devise a stunning custom solution.

Try our obligation- and pressure-free consultation today. You’ll have all the specifics you could want to revitalize your kitchen windows. In the meantime, here’s what several of our most popular custom window treatments can do for your kitchen.

1. Blinds

The right blinds can be fantastic window treatments while offering added flexibility with your budget. Louver Shop of Atlanta makes our custom blinds to work with a wide range of personal styles. You can also focus on more specific problems depending on the material or built-in features.

Kitchens have to withstand frequent cooking and cleaning, and your window treatments are no different. Specially designed polymers can easily resist heat and sunlight. For cooler climates, our blinds can be made with real wood.

Whether you favor the elegance of plantation blinds or the motorized convenience of the PowerView® cordless operating system, our experts can create blinds perfect for how you use your kitchen.

2. Shutters

Interior shutters are as strong as they are fashionable. You can place shutters in close to any room of the house, your kitchen included. Louver Shop of Atlanta custom shutters come in several exclusive styles great for refreshing or renovating your kitchen.

Our plantation shutters are one of our most popular options, offered in both natural basswood and our LouverWood® synthetic polymer. You’ll want to choose your material based on how much sun your kitchen is exposed to as well as how frequently you use it.

During our consultation, we’ll determine your custom shutters’ color, stain, louver size, frame type and many other features. By the end of the process, you’ll have quality window treatments according to your sense of style.

3. Shades

There are few window treatments more versatile than our spectacular custom shades. Review a wide variety of styles and colors, and for best results you’ll also want to consider privacy and light control. Compared to blinds and shutters, kitchen shades can provide different levels of opacity. Here are three of the best shades for kitchen windows.

Sheer Shades

Kitchens are exposed to wildly contrasting conditions from day to day, primarily when cooking. Our sheer shades are a quality solution because they can solve many different concerns simultaneously. Manufactured with several layers of fabric, they can help you fine-tune your kitchen windows.

Consider taking a look at our Silhouette® shades, with a fabric vane layer. The vane is width- and height-adjustable, combining the function of blinds with the streamlined design of sheer shades. Silhouette shades can also be upgraded with our ClearView® or Duolite® add-ons. ClearView offers open access to outdoor scenery, while the Duolite system uses a room-darkening roller shade into the sheer shade’s design.

Honeycomb Shades

If energy efficiency is your number one priority, then honeycomb shades could be the best fit for you. They offer a comparable degree of light control as sheer shades while bolstering energy efficiency. Chambers capture insulating air between the shade’s layers, benefitting interior temperatures.

Sometimes, this can even result in more affordable heating and cooling bills. This makes honeycomb shades a good option for any room of the house, instead of just the kitchen.

Roman Shades

Roman shades resemble drapes, offering bold design with gentle light diffusion. Made from a single piece of foldable fabric, their dizzying array of materials and styles all but guarantee a satisfying final product.

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We manufacture our shutters right here in the United States, so your custom kitchen window treatments may be ready quicker than you think. Request your free consultation right away by giving Louver Shop of Atlanta a call at 888-428-1415 today!

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