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Try These Window Treatments for Your Homes Breakfast Nook

A breakfast nook is a wonderful addition to your home. It's a warm, comfortable space to sip on coffee, catch up on news and start your day right. Lots of breakfast nooks have windows, and such a cozy spot warrants equally cozy window treatments. You have lots of options to consider, so think about what's most essential for your breakfast nook to have. Is it lots of natural light, or something that suits the rest of your kitchen?

But don’t forget that the kitchen is also one of the busiest rooms in your house! Cooking, homework and a lot of other common tasks are frequently done somewhere in the kitchen. Things can also get messy, particularly if you love to cook. You need window treatments that are beautiful, heavy-duty and easy to maintain. Enjoy personalized support when you arrange for a free consultation from Louver Shop of Atlanta. Our design experts can help you determine your top priorities and recommend the best possible window treatments for your breakfast nook.

Plantation Shutters Offer Crisp Beauty and Easy Maintenance

Plantation shutters are a popular choice. Their clean appearance and low-maintenance design makes them a fantastic option for your breakfast nook. But aren’t wooden plantation shutters going to warp and peel from all the steam and heat? If you like the appearance of wooden shutters but are apprehensive about maintaining them, you’ll be glad to know there’s a perfect compromise.

LouverWood® shutters are manufactured from resilient PVC instead of hardwood. This inventive material can insulate breakfast nook windows from heat, humidity and even harsh sunlight. LouverWood is easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for spaces you constantly use.

Try a Simple Roller Shade for Soft Simplicity

For those who like fabrics, you don’t have to worry about having fewer options. There are plenty of fabric window treatments that are easy to clean and use, even in the often-smaller space of a breakfast nook. For example, roller shades can sit closely into the windowpane. This reduces the space it takes up while ensuring a well-fitted final look.

Custom Designer Roller Shades fit the bill wonderfully. They come with a variety of options for simplified or even mechanized controls, minimizing the space they take up. And with hundreds of fabric options to compare, you can find the perfect blend of color and opacity.

Sheer Fabrics Scatter Bright Morning Sunlight

The softness of morning sunlight makes any breakfast nook feel like a cozy dream. But this sunlight can also increase the temperature of an already-warm kitchen. Choosing a window treatment with high energy efficiency can help keep your monthly energy bills as low as possible. These priorities make honeycomb shades the way to go.

Duette® Honeycomb Shades are some of the most energy-efficient window treatments available. Honeycomb pleats capture pockets of air inside, which creates an insulating layer against heat and cold. You can still allow bright sunlight while decreasing how much it heats up your breakfast nook.

Experiment with Shutters Using Our Visualizer Tool

A great way to compare plantation shutters is through our helpful visualizer tool. You can select a sample photo or even upload one of your own home. Browse shutter styles, colors and other features until you build the perfect look for your breakfast nook.

Frame Your Breakfast Nook with Custom Treatments from Louver Shop of Atlanta

Our custom window treatments can help transform a plain breakfast nook into a homey spot for tea, snacks or all sorts of other treats. If you’re having problems deciding on the details, schedule a free virtual or in-home consultation. A local design professional understands how to build a beautiful, finished look. Schedule yours by giving us a call at 888-428-1415.

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