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Custom Louver Shop Shutters Are the Ideal Fit for This One Room Challenge Gaming Space

The spring 2021 One Room Challenge™ (sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens) is well under way, with designers making major progress on their spaces. Louver Shop recently completed the shutter installation for Susan Hill, the CEO and principal designer of Susan Hill Interior Design, with the help of Craig Amick with Louver Shop of Charlotte.

“What I really wanted was to be able to have privacy, to have really beautiful window coverings. But I didn’t want them to take away from the main accent, which is the TV wall,” Susan explained.

A Custom Fit, Every Time

Louver Shop collaborates with every customer for the ideal match for their room and to make their vision real. And Susan’s room was no exception. One of the major design principles for her space was horizontal lines. These were even more so important in the area’s chief focus, the TV wall. Susan wanted to carry this detail into her window treatments, making plantation shutters with a 3½” louver—one of the many choices available—a great fit.

In order to achieve that crisp look, she chose shutters without a divider bar and maximized the PerfectView Louver Control System, which hides the tilt bar from view. We took that a step further and built shutters for Susan that came without a hinge, instead placing them on magnets and clips.

“This makes it really easy for me to get them off if I want to open the bottom window sash,” Susan said. “If we had used a hinge color, there would’ve been some other element introduced in the room, and I’m really trying to keep the room simple and clean.”

Install Custom Shutters

The Right Color, The Right Design

As a part of Susan’s design, she wanted the shutters to blend seamlessly with the room colors. So Louver Shop custom-matched them with Susan’s Rudrakahsa Beads wall color. Craig recommended using wood plantation shutters since wood is one of the best possibilities for really bringing dark stain colors to life.

Follow Along with the One Room Challenge

The One Room Challenge will continue through the end of June. Be sure to stay up-to-date with the 20 design influencers who have been chosen to take the challenge as featured designers. They go over their latest updates every Wednesday, documenting their process and giving suggestions.

You can watch the complete video following Susan’s shutter installation with Craig on her Instagram, and you can see regular updates from Susan’s project on our Instagram.

You can also read Susan’s progress directly here:

  • Check for weekly blogs on the Susan Hill Interior Design website
  • Be up to date with daily progress on Susan’s Instagram
  • Check out Susan’s inspiration on Pinterest

Add Custom Shutters to Your Home

“To put it in a nutshell, everything we make is 100% custom,” Craig explained. “Susan came to us. She wanted a custom color. She wanted no hinges. She wanted no tilt rod. She wanted a very clean look, and we could do all that for her to get the look she was exactly going for in this room.”

We partner with each customer to find just what they’re seeking in their space. If you’re feeling inspired to bring your own designs to life, Louver Shop of Atlanta can assist you. We’ve been making houses amazing since 1972. Contact us at 888-428-1415 to schedule your free consultation now!