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New Window Treatments and Features for a Modern Home in Atlanta

Modern conveniences help you maximize the enjoyment of your home by improving functionality and comfort. But modern efficiency doesn’t have to come in the form of a new-fangled smart home assistant or a fridge with a TV screen. Instead, even simple amenities such as your window treatments can be modernized with all types of beneficial features. Finding the time to compare these features could improve your home’s energy efficiency, sense of privacy and security, and more!

You can overhaul your window treatments in quite a few ways, which range from their essential design to how you use and adjust them. What’s more, handy functionality doesn’t mean you miss out on style, as modern window treatments strike the best of both worlds. A local design consultant can offer support as you create your optimal pair of custom window treatments with a free virtual or in-home consultation.

Enhance Energy Efficiency with Insulated Shades

Strong energy efficiency is one of the most important elements of a modern home, since it boosts your sense of comfort while keeping monthly energy bills lower. Your windows can be a source of heating and air conditioning loss, at least before you replace your window treatments. Modern designs include higher energy efficiency as a core feature, while still supplying an attractive final design.

Duette® Honeycomb Shades are a good example. The pleated cell design captures pockets of air between your window and the rest of the room, building a layer of insulation that retains heating and air conditioning where it belongs. These stunning shades are available in a variety of fabric opacities to help you fine-tune how much sunlight gets in.

Max Security with Exterior Hurricane Shutters

Another important element of a modern home is a robust sense of safety and protection against both trespassers and extreme weather events. But instead of investing in elaborate security systems or a storm shelter, you can strengthen your home or business’ security with exterior shutter window treatments. Manufactured with durable stainless steel, custom exterior shutters can resist hurricane-force winds.

LouverShield™ Hurricane Shutters easily withstand even the strongest weather events. They can be secured in lightweight, subtle housing when not in use, minimizing impact on a property’s curb appeal. While manual operation is simple and convenient, these hurricane shutters can also be motorized, remote controlled from indoors, and even integrated into your existing automation system!

Modern Style and Smart Operation with Roller Shades

While convenience is worthwhile, you can’t rule out fashionable design when it comes to modernizing your home. Neat lines and subtle details are the hallmarks of modern looks, making roller and solar shades a fantastic option. They’re fashioned to sit as close to the windowpane as possible, reducing the light that penetrates into the room. But if you favor a warm glow, sheer fabrics deliver.

Designer Roller Shades can be customized with more than 300 assorted fabrics, enabling you to highlight your unique sense of style. These beautiful shades can also be motorized and remotely controlled using a Wi-Fi operating system, perfect for convenience or high-up windows. This also makes them a safe choice for homes with pets or young children.

Explore Shutter Styles with Our Visualizer Tool

The timeless look of plantation shutters are a great fit for the modern home but comparing all the different customization options can seem a little overwhelming. You can better navigate the process with our helpful Visualizer Tool. Snap a photo of your room or use one of our sample photos to compare colors, louver sizes and other details.

Update Your Home with Custom, Modern Window Treatments

While modern technology and convenience can mean a lot of things, think about upgrading your home’s window treatments with stylish designs and motorized controls. They’re beautiful and easy to use and can be modified to your preferences. If you're uncertain of where to start, don’t hesitate to arrange a free consultation. Our design consultants understand exactly how to capture your sense of style in a fabulous set of window treatments from Louver Shop of Atlanta.