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These Sidelight Window Treatments Suit Any Style Home

Sidelight windows sitting on either side of a door can enhance natural light and add a sense of grandeur. With the right window treatments, they can revitalize your humble front entryway into a grand entrance everyone in the neighborhood can appreciate. But since sidelights have an unusually thin, long shape, some homeowners are concerned their options will be limited.

Fortunately, sidelight window treatments come in a vibrant range of styles and colors. Whether you want them to stand out or feature scaled-down versions of something classic, you have loads of options. We’ll walk you through how different types of window treatments can deliver a finished look you’ll love.

Custom Designs Suit These Unique Windows

Sidelight windows aren’t standard sizes compared to most other windows, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. Top manufacturers like Louver Shop of Atlanta can produce custom treatments such as shutters or blinds. With the best materials and craftsmanship, treatments for sidelight windows will be just as attractive.

If you’re not sure about the possibilities, why not try a free virtual or in-home consultation? With showroom materials and your very own design expert, comparing window treatments is fast and easy. You can even work out details like colors, cutouts and more until you know exactly what you want.

Interior Shutters Offer Privacy and a Classic Touch

Interior shutters can freshen up all sorts of windows, and that includes an entry door’s sidelight windows. Custom shutters make a great fit because they don’t drag against the floor, avoiding the dirt and mud often found near exterior doors. They also shut tightly, ensuring privacy even when company is expected. These traditional shutters come with smaller louvers perfect for reproducing old world charm.

And don’t forget the other side of your sidelight windows. Exterior decorative shutters are a wonderful complement to front porch or entryway décor. You can customize their color or cutout shapes for something that’s truly unique to your sense of style.

Try Mini Blinds for a Snug, Cozy Look

If shutters seem too bulky, mini blinds are another quality option. With miniature slats, they suit the compact size of sidelight windows. Mini blinds are lightweight yet durable, ensuring your entry door window treatments are both functional and attractive. Cleaning can be handled with just a wet cloth, even if your mini blinds are near a busy doorway. For something that’s low on cost and maintenance, mini blinds are one of the best ways to go.

Try Sheer Fabrics for a Simple Drapery Appearance

Lots of sidelight windows are for front doors as well as other doors someone might expect visitors at every now and then. Unexpected guests or passers-by shouldn’t disturb your sense of privacy, so some homeowners prefer window treatments that sustain a layer of separation. Try sheer, translucent fabrics since they blur details while still letting natural light inside.

For example, these Pirouette® Window Shadings can be customized in all sorts of ways, including how sheer the fabric is. You can make minor adjustments until these soft, curtain-like shades provide the perfect blend of privacy and light.

Explore and Compare Shutters with the Visualizer Tool

Have other windows in need of an upgrade? Why not “try before you buy” with an innovative visualizer tool? Sample photos are included for a range of looks, and you can even submit your own photos to see how treatments may look on existing windows. You can adjust details like louver size and the shutters’ color and configuration for the best possible ‘sneak peek’ experience.

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If you’re ready to update your sidelight windows, why not set up a free consultation with one of our design experts? You’ll learn everything you need to know about available styles and materials, with design recommendations tailored to your sense of décor. Learn more or get the process started by calling 888-428-1415 today.