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What Are the Best Plantation Shutters for Bathrooms in Atlanta?

When searching for the right window treatments, your bathroom windows can be somewhat tricky. They offer natural light and outdoor scenery at the cost of privacy. Additionally, the excessive moisture can ruin curtains or wood shutters. These issues dissuade many homeowners from trying to update their window treatments.

Luckily, Louver Shop of Atlanta doesn’t give up when it comes to blending function with fashion. We’re happy to offer stunning window treatments that can stand up to the unique requirements of your bathroom. With top-quality materials and lots of customization options, we’re certain you can design windows that highlight your sense of style.

A great place to start is our free, in-home consultation. We bring the showroom right to your door, and our expert design consultants can help you compare colors and other details. For bathroom windows, we’d encourage our LouverWood® Plantation Shutters.

Let’s explore how these faux wood plantation shutters make a great addition to your bathroom.

Try LouverWood® Plantation Shutters

Our LouverWood Plantation Shutters offer the classic design of wood shutters with the long-lasting durability of cellular PVC. This synthetic material mimics the look and feel of hardwood and lasts for decades with next to no maintenance necessary. This is especially advantageous for bathroom windows since they experience much more dynamic conditions than other parts of your home.

Low-Maintenance, Easy-Use Design

All Louver Shop of Atlanta shutters are built to last. Our DuraGlide™ Tensioning system will hold the louvers in place, guaranteed by our industry-leading warranty. You’ll be able to use your shutters for years without having to tighten or readjust the louvers.


No other part of your home demands privacy more than the bathroom. Some windows are in inconvenient locations such as next to the shower or bathtub. But keeping the window closed all the time deprives you of natural light.

Luckily, our plantation shutters are an ideal balance between privacy and natural light. Just adjust the shutters to your preferred position to enjoy some privacy while still bringing sunlight into the bathroom.


Taking a hot shower is a relaxing experience until you realize the winter cold has slipped inside. And in summer, the heat and moisture can make you feel like you haven’t showered at all.

Plantation shutters are a great way to keep outdoor temperatures where they belong. LouverWood plantation shutters can protect you from both summer heat and winter cold. They can bolster your home’s energy efficiency, which leads to lower heating and cooling costs.

Resists Humidity and Moisture

Your bathrooms endure higher humidity than other places in the house. While natural wood shutters look nice, the excessive moisture can cause warping or splitting. Before you know it, you must replace them.

Faux wood plantation shutters don’t have this problem. Louver Shop of Atlanta’s unique synthetic cellular PVC holds up against high moisture and won’t fade or split.

Customization Options

While we’re proud of all our window treatment designs, you likely want to adjust a few of the details for a truly personalized look. LouverWood plantation shutters can be customized in a variety of ways such as:

  • Color: Check out our standard colors or explore custom pastels. We’re certain we offer a hue or shade you’ll love. These paints are water based and nontoxic.
  • Specialty Shapes: We can easily install LouverWood shutters for a variety of window shapes such as arches, sunbursts and even French doors.

And that’s just the beginning. Louver Shop of Atlanta can design other unique details like cutout shapes for the shutter panels.

Design Your Custom Bathroom Windows with Louver Shop of Atlanta

Creating the right look for your bathroom windows has never been easier. LouverWood plantation shutters can withstand the hot, humid conditions of any bathroom while still creating an elegant look for the window itself.

Start designing your custom window treatments today with our free, in-home consultation service. You’ll have a Louver Shop of Atlanta design consultant with you every step of the way, helping you compare details and ensuring a seamless installation process. If that sounds worthwhile to you, give us a call at 888-428-1415 to schedule a consultation of your own.