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Roller Shades vs. Blinds: Which Window Treatment Is Ideal for Your Home?

Are you thinking about new window treatments? You can’t decide between roller shades or blinds. They’re both good options, so how do you know which is perfect for your home? You’ll want to compare the design, available materials and any drawbacks to one or the other.

Louver Shop of Atlanta offers the most professional experience when it comes to window treatments. We stand by our blinds as well as our roller shades, manufactured with top-notch materials from Hunter Douglas. Our staff can walk you through the best options for your home with a free, in-home consultation, where we bring the showroom right to you with samples and expert advice.

We’d like to elaborate some of the differences between blinds and roller shades. While they’re both beneficial investments, you’ll want to make the choice that’s well-suited for you.

Should I Pick Roller Shades?

A window shade is a solid piece of fabric or wood put in your window. Raising and lowering it changes the amount of privacy and light in a given room. Louver Shop of Atlanta custom roller shades are exquisitely manufactured from attractive, environmentally responsible materials—meld form and function with any one of our quality products.

Custom roller shades are a great pick for blocking or diffusing light, since different available materials can be translucent or opaque. Our Designer Screen Shades scatter light evenly into a room for a warm, inviting appearance. These shades can help stabilize temperature by ensuring heat is evenly distributed.

For a streamlined design, sleek Designer Roller Shades might be a good pick. A single piece of fabric blocks or diffuses sunlight. Choose a translucent design to let in light while keeping UV rays out. If you’re more about energy efficiency, Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades are an exceptional choice. They can serve as insulation around your windows, increasing your energy efficiency. They are convenient for both manual and automatic operation.

Or Are Blinds the Better Option?

Window blinds are separated slats of wood or faux wood. While you can still raise and lower the blinds in one motion, they are distinct from shades. The angle of the slats is adjustable, which shifts the amount of light as well as where it shows up in the room. You can enjoy a higher degree of control with quality blinds.

And Louver Shop of Atlanta custom blinds are the best around. Keep light and prying eyes out with any of our solidly constructed designs. They can be fitted to a wide range of window shapes and designs thanks to our expert installers. And with energy-efficient materials, you can keep the heat where you actually want it.

When picking a material for your custom blinds, keep in mind that wood is affected by temperature and humidity. Natural wood blinds are a stunning addition to your home but may warp out of shape in hot and humid climates. A faux wood alternative can provide the same classic style without that issue. A Louver Shop of Atlanta staff member can suggest the best material for your local climate.

What Matters Most to You?

Take as much time as you want to decide on the right window treatments for your home. Choosing between blinds or shades can be difficult at first, but review what you want most:

  • Privacy. While any window treatment can keep people from peeking in, certain designs might be more effective. Roller shades can be made from translucent material. By scattering the light, images viewed from the other side of the shade are blurred. Blinds are always opaque for hiding a room when fully closed.
  • Energy efficiency. Louver Shop of Atlanta prides itself for utilizing efficient materials. If you don’t mind dark rooms, keeping blinds closed will benefit the temperature. For those needing enough light, window shades can soften harsh light without allowing all the heat to seep in.
  • Aesthetic. Blinds are firm and dignified. They can make a distinct statement for any window treatment. Shades are softer, and are often made of fabric. Create a warm, comfortable space without strong lines.

Speaking with a Louver Shop of Atlanta expert is a great way to begin. And our free, in-home consultation is the ideal way to talk to an expert. We bring the convenience of the showroom right to your door. Explore potential material and color options, and bounce ideas off with our staff. With years of experience, we can provide all the guidance you need to make the right decision.

Find your window treatments today with the help of Louver Shop of Atlanta. Arrange a consultation by giving us a call at 888-428-1415.